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  1. Boiler Gauge Glasses

    LFCE Manufacturing and Exporting Level Gauges, Level Indicators, Gauge Glasses for Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Tanks. We can supply all types of High Pressure Level Gauges such as Reflex, Transparent, Magnetic. Our High Pressure Boiler Drum Level Gauges are assembled with KLINGER, MAXOS glasses which is high quality products. for High Temp. we can provide Mica Shield Level Gauges can be supplied with IBR, BV, LLOYD Certificates. We are much interested on EXPORT Market.
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  2. Magnetic Level Indicator

    Level and Flow Control Engineers Manufacturing and Exporting Magnetic Level Indicators(Magnetic Level Gauges) for the Process Industries. Magnetic Level Indicators are assembled with Two Colours of Magnetic Roto Flaps of RED & White. What ever liquid level in the storage tanks and vessels that shows in RED Colour and Empty space shows in WHITE Colour. Which is visible such a long distance. We can supply Magnetic level indicator with switches-controllers to maintain liquid levels of Low, Medium, High. (or) any No. of switches-controllers to be provided which is adjustable. We have very good infrastructure facility to EXPORT our range or products all over the GLOBE
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  3. Magnetic Level Gauges

    LFCE manufacturing and EXPORTING Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetic Level Indicators which too safe for any chemicals and acids. Magnetic level gauges RED colour shows liquid level and the WHITE colour shows empty space. It is durable and more safety. Pressure : 0 to 50 bar and Temp : -50 to +400deg C We are much interested on EXPORT orders.
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    LFCE manufacturing, EXPORTING Weld Pad Level Gauges, Level Indicators, Weld Pad Sight Glasses for the Tanks and Vessels. Where ever the space is constrain (or) the liquid is high viscosity that areas Weld Pad Level Gauge and Weld Pad Sight Glass is much suitable. The Body is directly welded on the tanks and vessels and the related other parts Glass, Gaskets, Fastners are assembled in that welded Body. It is much durable and much safety. We have very good infrasturcture facility to EXPORT our range of products anywhere in the globe.
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